OnTheSnow blocks public feed

On The Snow is a pretty great website and offers some cool services for snow pros, however recently they decided to block access to their API for pulling resort snow reports into third party services. SNOWPRO PORTAL™ was using a plugin developed by Zack Katz (found here).

In a tweet from @zackkatz @SnowProPortal They said RSS feeds are disabled for good. They recommend using their widget instead: http://t.co/BF6fmYoHZp — Zack Katz (@zackkatz) November 24, 2014

If you are an SNOWPRO PORTAL™ Individual site user then you will no longer see the resort data displayed on your site and you will need to remove the “[snow report]” shortcode from your pages, because the plugin no longer works thanks to OnTheSnow shutting down public access to their RSS feed.

Furthermore, they suggest using their widget which you COULD use to embed their data on your Individual Pro Site, however, since all SNOWPRO PORTAL™ sites run on HTTPS / SSL then all embedded content must also use SSL, otherwise it just won’t get rendered to the screen.

That said, presently we can no longer use OnTheSnow’s awesome services. Bummer. We will monitor their services and see if they eventually offer an SSL version of their widget that could then be embedded on your sites. Or open up their API / RSS feed again.

Super Duper AdminOnTheSnow blocks public feed
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