The SnowPro Portal was born out of necessity.

“Why would I pay for a SNOWPRO PORTAL™ Pro Site when I can just make a site myself?”

If your snowsports school, alpine club, race team, or even yourself, has the expertise and time to create a fully functioning website then by all means go for it! By doing so you will have all the freedoms (and responsibilities) of building, launching and maintaining a website.

Building a website is a very rewarding, and time consuming, endeavor. If you or someone on staff has the time to make this happen, then leverage that talent. Or … better yet, make them (and you) a super hero by leveraging that talent to simply maintain your website’s content and leave the heavy lifting to our platform.

The SNOWPRO PORTAL™ was born out of necessity.

Every ski and snowboard school, every club, every team and every individual out there should have access to an awesome, feature-rich, fully-functional website employing the best known methods that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to create and maintain. Nor does it take weeks and weeks to launch at the mercy of an over-tasked volunteer, a freelance web designer or maybe just you!

If you simply do a little cost comparison you will see how easy it is to invest as less than $100 to a few hundred dollars per year, and have a turnkey solution. Let’s look at some “numbers”…

Self-Hosted Do It Yourself
$700 to $1,500+ Annually
Shared Hosting: $89 to $125/year
Security Certificate: $89 to $150/year
Domain Name Registration: $15 to $35/year
Professional WordPress Theme: $35 to $60
eLearning Plugin: $99/year
Backup Plugin: $80/year
Form Builder Plugin: $39/year
Off-site Cloud Backups: $50/year
Tech Support: On your own
Uptime Monitoring: On your own
Setup: On your own
Plugin, Theme and Site Updates: On your own
Web Developer: $3k to $7k
Time to deploy: 2 to 4 weeks, maybe more?
SnowPro Portal Site
$99 to $599 Annually
Dedicated Server - Fast, Reliable and saves you $$!
Security Certificate: Included
Domain Name Registration: Optional
Professional WordPress Theme: Included
eLearning Plugin: Included
Backup Plugin: Included
Form Builder Plugin: Included
Off-site Cloud Backups: Included
Tech Support: Included
Uptime monitoring: Included
Setup: one-click install
Plugin, Theme and Site Updates: Included
Web Developer: Zero, zilch, nada!
Time to deploy: 30 seconds!

The above cost comparison is a “rough idea” when comparing all the features of the Snowsports School Premium Plan and hiring a local web developer to help you with your website. And the chart above assumes you spread the Web Developer fees of $3k to $7k over five years, and have no customizations needed during that time period – yeah, right.

Oh sure, you might be able to scrounge around and find some über-cheap hosting plan complete with slow loading pages and guaranteed downtime, or maybe hire a freelancer off Craig’s List, or maybe you can dig deep and cobble together some free plugins that do just about everything that the SNOWPRO PORTAL™ does, but your time is way more valuable. And unless you are thinking about a career change into web development and server administration (and maybe you are), then leave this to us.

Our team has been building websites using the WordPress platform since 2006.

We know the ins and outs of how to build, launch, scale and maintain a WordPress website. In fact, that’s what we do for a living, when we are not teaching people about the joys of sliding on snow! And by the way, if you’re thinking, “Oh, it’s just WordPress” (complete with smug look) – yeah, baby.. it’s WordPress! – the world’s leading Open Source Content Management System (CMS) whose previous version (3.9) has been downloaded 49 million times since April 2014. Seriously? Yes. See the curent WordPress (version 4.0) live stats for yourself.


The lifts are already loading so let’s just get on with it and launch your totally fresh SNOWPRO PORTAL™ site right now!




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