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Putting the "pro" in professional

In 2006 we created a very basic WordPress website for the Ski and Snowboard School at Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort on Mt Hood, Oregon. The purpose of the website was to consolidate the communications between supervisors and instructors.

With more than 350 instructors, ranging from part time to full time, the flexibility of the website helped to create timely and effective communications about ski school and resort operations. The diverse and expansive communications needs of a ski and snowboard school with more than 350 instructors were realized, and the website was an immediate success.

Since its initial launch in the Fall of 2006, the Mt Hood Meadows Ski and Snowboard School has expanded the capacity of their instructor portal to:

  • Provide eLearning courses for pre-hire and new instructors
  • Provide required continuing education for returning staff
  • Publish an event and training calendar for all returning staff
  • Allow returning staff to submit schedules on-line
  • Supply a central repository for instructors forms
  • Reduce printed materials by supplying PDF forms on-line
  • Update in real time weekly email distributions
  • Alert supervisors and management of “call ins” via email and text messaging
  • Provide an online directory of supervisors and management
  • Simplify the new instructor application process
  • … the list goes on!

We realized that there is no need to reinvent the wheel every time you want to build a new website. And that every “pro” on the hill ought to have a place to connect and promote their services with their guests. So, now many of the most requested features are available to both snow sports schools, teams, clubs and individual instructors.

Be sure to check out the demo sites to fully grasp what is possible. We are sure you will benefit from having a SNOWPRO PORTAL™ website for your school, club, team and for yourself.

Sincerely yours,


Tyler Barnes
Creator of the SNOWPRO PORTAL™

About Tyler Barnes

Tyler is the creator of the SNOWPRO PORTAL™. He is a web and graphics guru and co-founder of, a New Media agency located in Hood River, Oregon. Tyler has been servicing many of the PSIA/AASI Divisions (Eastern, Central, Intermountain, Rocky Mountain, and Northwest) from web development to design services, including the “More Fun Starts Here” grassroots initiative that PSIA-E rolled out during the 2013-2014 Season and the “Ski with us. Ride with us” campaign during the 2014-2015 Season.

Tyler is the Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort Training Coordinator, PSIA-NW Technical Team member, PSIA-NW Communications Vice President, PSIA-NW Alpine examiner and is PSIA/AASI Level 3 Alpine, Level 1 Snowboard and Level 1 Telemark certified. As you can see, he is a committed member of the snow sports community, is immersed in snow sports education and is a 20-year PSIA member.

In fact, you can check out his own personal SNOWPRO PORTAL™ website here:

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