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The SNOWPRO PORTAL™ products are standing on the shoulders of giants.

Well sort of. The web development team at Elev8, led by Tyler Barnes, has been working on creating a tool like this for the snow sports community for more than a year.

We have been working with the snow sports community in a supporting role as a visual design and web development service provider since 2006. Before that we worked with other sports brands you may have heard of like Heelside Snowboard Company, Shred Alert!, the Teva Mountain Games and North Kiteboarding.

From the PSIA Divisions we currently serve (Eastern, Rocky Mountain, Central, Intermountain and Northwest) as well as the snow sports schools we have worked with, have all helped shape this product and have provided a valuable “proof of concept” which has ultimately allowed access to all who follow in their foot steps.

Here are a few choice words from our “happy clients”.

  • Wow, I've been looking for a tool like this to complement my ski coaching business. The Snowpro Portal is a one-stop, professional, resource of any service provider. I have tried for years to find the best application to join all of my online tools into one place. I love how it has been to setup, customize, and most of all it is very clean and professional!

    Charlie Wolff Level 3 Alpine, Level 3 Telemark Instructor
  • Working with Tyler Barnes has been like having an off-site Creative Director. He is a quick study on our needs and a quick responder throughout the creative process. The experience has been easy, fun and productive. Tyler has helped PSIA-E on multiple levels including web development, web hosting, and visual design services. He has been instrumental in helping PSIA-E with our grass roots promotions from the 'More Fun Starts Here' campaign to our latest promotional initiative – the Push for Public Awareness that features new full-color ads with PSIA members as models and the slogan 'Learn. Turn. Smile. Repeat.' This campaign will be seen by more than a quarter-million skiers and riders this season. Thank you Tyler!

    Michael Mendrick Executive Director, PSIA-Eastern Division
  • Tyler Barnes and the Elev8 Team have been an integral part of our on-line tools, from our Member Portal to the PSIA-RM.ORG website. When we first reached out to Tyler we didn’t know the first thing about redoing a website but Tyler quickly put us at ease leading the project like a true professional. A year later when we had to build a new portal for our database, it was with zero hesitation that we went to Tyler and the Elev8 team. They are professional, responsive and easy to work with.

    Dana Forbes Executive Director, PSIA - Rocky Mountain
  • Our instructor portal has greatly improved our ability to communicate with and train our instructors. Our staff are able to submit their schedules, take online training courses, read news updates, sign up for on-snow training and much more all in one easy convenient place. As the Director of the Ski & Snowboard School this tool has saved me many hours of work and has been a very convenient place for our instructors to go to get all the information they need. Many thanks to Tyler Barnes for all his work to create and continue to improve this tool for us, which has taken our communication with our staff to the next level.

    Jeremy Riss Director, Ski & Snowboard School, Guest Services, Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort
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