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Using Evernote and SNOWPRO PORTAL™ to keep tabs on your best clients

I’ve been using Evernote on my smart phone and desktop for many years. They have a solid product and have been consistently improving it since their original product launch in 2007. Today they have over 100 million users and 400 employees … and they are NOT Google.

Sure, I like Google and they have a similar product, but Evernote has a desktop app for Mac and PC, a smart phone app for most platforms, and naturally a web interface too, so supporting this awesome company is easy. Plus they have a “free tier” plan too, so you can take advantage of their core services at no charge.

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Super Duper AdminUsing Evernote and SNOWPRO PORTAL™ to keep tabs on your best clients

OnTheSnow blocks public feed

On The Snow is a pretty great website and offers some cool services for snow pros, however recently they decided to block access to their API for pulling resort snow reports into third party services. SNOWPRO PORTAL™ was using a plugin developed by Zack Katz (found here).

In a tweet from @zackkatz @SnowProPortal They said RSS feeds are disabled for good. They recommend using their widget instead: — Zack Katz (@zackkatz) November 24, 2014

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Super Duper AdminOnTheSnow blocks public feed
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